Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine Using An Integrative Approach

Personalized Medicine is tailoring specific medical practices, treatment plans and procedures uniquely for each patient. These plans using the Functional Medicine Model (prevention of chronic disease or treating chronic complex diseases) are tailored in concert with the patient as a partner in their medical care.

The Importance of Personalized Medicine

Currently, much of medical practice is based on "standards of care" that are determined by averaging responses across large cohorts. The theory has been that everyone should get the same care based on clinical trials.

Personalized Medicine is the concept that managing a patient's health should be based on the individual patient's specific characteristics, including age, gender, height/weight, diet, environment, etc.

The simple family history has long been used by physicians to identify individuals at increased risk and to advise preventive measures such as lifestyle modifications (changes in diet, cessation of toxic habits, increased exercise) earlier screening, or even prophylactic medications or surgery.

Now, scientific advancements offer the potential to define an individual's risk based on their very personal genetic make-up and lifestyle, and this enables a deeper level of treatment and care.