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What is Integrative Cancer Care?

Many patients underestimate how dramatically cancer can affect them, both physically and emotionally, and that's why having a detailed and aggressive treatment plan that leaves no stone unturned can bring such peace-of mind. Developing a detailed and aggressive treatment plan is where we come in here at Today's Integrative Health. Our integrative approach to cancer care maps out a treatment plan for the disease that considers surgery, chemotherapy, and other traditional tools as needed, while also supporting patient strength, stamina, and quality of life with evidence-based therapies.

How Integrative Care Can Help You

Integrative care has multiple layers. For example, we work together with your oncologist to ensure a full and integrative plan is put in place to address your disease process.

The game plan is to incorporate conventional treatments to attack the disease itself, while at the same time integrating evidence-based therapies to help combat cancer-related side effects. The two together, conventional cancer treatments and supportive therapies, when delivered simultaneously by a collaborative team of clinicians, is the very definition of integrative cancer care.

Conventional Treatment with Supportive Therapy

The fact is, no two cancer patients will present with the exact same symptoms and circumstances, and so their treatment plans should be completely customized to their body. With that in mind, here at Today's Integrative Health we are an integrative cancer therapeutic center that partners with both conventional cancer treatment providers while also incorporating supportive therapies personally tailored to each patient. The goal at all times is to treat and offer relief to the entire body during the cancer fight.

This includes treatment plans partnering with conventional strategies such as:

• Chemotherapy
• Genomic Testing
• Hormone Therapy
• Immunotherapy
• Radiation Therapy
• Surgical Oncology

And then combining with Supportive Therapies such as:

• Cancer-Specific Therapeutics
• Cancer-Specific Nutrition Therapy
• Chiropractic Care
• Oncology Rehabilitation
• Pain Management
• Mind Body Medicine
• Lifestyle Support

The key is treating the disease, as well as the surrounding body and symptoms, with every available option to preserve strength and quality of daily life during treatment.

If you, or someone you know, is currently undergoing a battle with any form of cancer, we invite you to to give us a call for consultation and discussion of a fully integrative treatment plan.

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