Herbal Medicine (Botanical Medicine)

Herbal Medicine (Botanical Medicine) Treatment

Botanical Medicine Treatment

Herbal Medicine (Botanical Medicine) has been used for centuries to successfully treat and cure many illness. In fact, many of today’s pharmaceutical drugs are derived either directly from or indirectly from botanical medicines. It is important to have someone knowledgeable and specifically trained in Herbal/Botanical Medicine to be prescribe safely and effectively for patients. Utilizing our knowledge of herbal and botanical compounds, we specifically tailor formulations to safely target your specific needs based on our diagnosis.

What Conditions Is Herbal Medicine Used For?

Herbal medicine has been used to treat or alleviate virtually every possible medical condition. Some of the most popular herbal remedies and the conditions for which they are used include:

  • aloe used topically for minor burns, sunburns, skin irritation or inflammation
  • arnica used topically for bruises, sprains, sore muscles and joints
  • chamomile tea ingested for upset stomach, heartburn, indigestion and colic
  • comfrey, in a topical poultice only, for bedsores, diabetic ulcers, certain spider bites and staph infections contracted on tropical beaches
  • dong quai for women and ginseng for men and women, ingested to improve general health and stamina – in this application, these are known as tonics. Other tonics include eleuthero and rhodiola.
  • echinacea ingested for colds, flu, sore throat
  • garlic ingested to possibly reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, treat fungal infections and colds
  • ginger ingested for nausea and motion sickness and as an anti-inflammatory
  • mullein ingested for chest congestion and dry, bronchial coughs
  • passionflower ingested for non-sedating relaxation
  • peppermint tea ingested for indigestion, nausea and other digestive problems
  • peppermint oil (in enteric-coated capsules) ingested for irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic intestinal ailments
  • tea tree oil applied topically for fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the toenails and fingernails
  • turmeric ingested to combat inflammation and protect against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
  • valerian ingested for sleeping problems.

Each patient's body and needs are different, and treatment is very personalized. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our office.